Twilight Tuesday Update!

Twilight Tuesday: This week we found out about the “Cullen Crest”! It wasn’t in the book, but they thought that it would be cool for the movie. And it is! They all have it in different forms… Alice has a choker, Carlisle and Esme have a ring (which doubles as a wedding ring), Rose has a giant necklace, and the Cullen Boys have wrist bands. It’s pretty cool! Oh, and we also found out that they are adding in a scene that wasn’t in the book. It is going to “Help people understand the early danger of their relationship.” Fine with me. I already understand it (cuz I read the book – and i think anyone that wants to see the movie needs to read the books first) but I think it’s cool. And hey, did anyone else hear the awesome thing Peter Facinelle said in his interview? Hahahaha, it is my favorite thing in the world and I will use it everyday! The guy from MTV said something like how when he puts on the ring he must feel ‘pretty in character.’ And he said: “Oh, yeah. I am so in character it is RIDICULOUS!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He just made some bonus Carlisle points. There is no way anyone can doubt his awesomeness now. (Especially since he also casually pulled a spider off of his hand in the middle of the interview. Haha.)


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