Christian Serratos Interview on MTV Blog

The MTV Movie Team has posted a new blog featuring an AWESOME interview with Christian Serratos, our Angela. I would post the video here, but lately, most of the YouTube videos have spoilers spliced throughout the actual footage. Sorry the spoilers ruined it. :[  Oh well, you can still go see it at MTV Movie Blog. It’s really good. She talks about her role as Angela and also how excited she is about Breaking Dawn. (Apparently, she’s team Edward, too!)

“My favorite parts? In ‘Twilight’ it was the meadow scene,” she remembered of the special moments Meyer has already given fans thus far. “In ‘New Moon,’ I’m really looking forward to seeing the cliff dive. I’m really anxious to see how they do that [in the movie version].”

To read more and watch the video interview, CLICK HERE!


Twilight on Yahoo Canada

Twilight has been featured on Yahoo front page once. It has even been featured on the Yahoo Videos/Movies Page. But now, Twilight is being featured on Yahoo Canada.

What search engine will Twilight be featured on next?

MTV’s Kim Stolz Interviews Stephenie Meyer Before She Moderates Tomorrow’s ‘Twilight’ Event

Kim Stolz, formal America’s Next Top Model contestant, has interviewed Stephenie Meyer. Herself being an obsessed Twilighter, she got a great interview with the creator herself. Talking about Breaking Dawn, her influences, and (obviously) the development of Bella and Edward.

Vampires are not “evil” in Meyer’s world. In fact, Stephenie explains that she believes that very few people in the world at large are in fact “evil.” Take Victoria, for example. After reading “Eclipse,” it is hard — nearly impossible — to see her as “evil,” because Stephenie brings her emotions to life in such a way that readers can’t help but sympathize and understand her desire for revenge — her plight is inspired by love, and the yearning for love lost. In fact, this motivation harkens similarities to Bella, Edward, Jacob, and virtually every character in the series, even Charlie.

To read more of her awesome interview experience, CLICK HERE!

Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day #20

The new Breaking Dawn quote for today (July 31, 2008) is:

Jacob: “I’ll kill you myself! I’ll do it now!”

(Ok, sorry Team Jacob in advanced.) Jacob is a whiney baby. Didn’t we see this in Eclipse? Doesn’t this sound familiar? Like when he said he was going to kill himself just so Bella would kiss him? Ugh. I like Jacob and all (just not for Bella) but this kinda stuff he does really urks me. Ok, so what could this quote be about? I really hope it’s not about Bella, but it seems to be like that, doesn’t it? He is gonna be happy in the end… we all know it. We love him a little too much for him to be miserable. He’s gonna imprint and then he’ll forget all about Bella. Well, not all about her. But he’d be really happy. And isn’t that what we all want for Jake?

Jacob, I am sorry. I apologize. I thought you said that you were going to kill yourself (“I’ll kill myself. I’ll do it now.”). Not kill them (whoever them is) yourself. I am sooo sorry. So, this means a different theory. So he said “kill you myself.” Hmm… something to do with the Vampire/Werewolf/Volturri war to come? Very possible. Very, very possible. Maybe he is angry at Edward because he is gonna bite Bella. Hm. Or maybe he gets upset at one of the Vamps from Denali. Who knows? Well, I like this quote much more than what I thought it said. Again, Jacob. I am deeply sorry. I should have known that you wouldn’t stoop down to that immature level that you did in Eclipse. Again, sorry Jake. I LOVE YOU WOLF BOY! (Even though I’m with the vampires, of course.)

Stephenie Meyer Web Update :]

Webmaster Seth has once again updated Stephenie Meyer’s website. Now he is giving us articles and things to do to pass the last remaining hours before the release! AHHH! Yeah only one day guys! We’re almost there!

If you are still looking for something to pass the remaining hours that we have left to wait, here is the link to the USA Today article that I mentioned yesterday. Also, click here to read a recent article about Stephenie in Variety magazine.

Stephenie Meyer Interview on ABC

Stephenie Meyer was interviewed on ABC News for Good Morning America. It’s a really good video interview and I love how humble she is! If you did not want to know the Entertainment Weekly spoiler from Monday, do not watch this because she talks about it as a response to a question. You have been warned! :]  Wanna see the interview? CLICK HERE!

Premiere Twilight Interviews

Premiere.com has put up some exclusive interviews with the cast of Twilight and the Creators themselves. They have an exclusive interview with Kristen(Bella), Hardwicke(Director) and Stephenie(Author), and our favorite badass Cam(James). The interview’s are pretty cool. You should Definatly check them out. Click on the link below to view the interviews. 

Kristen Stewart

What appeals to you about Bella?
Bella is a very honest… I mean, I could relate to her because she’s just a very straight-up, good-natured girl who found herself in an insane position…

Catherine Hardwicke and Stephenie Meyer

How close of an adaptation is it?
SM: I have not seen the whole thing yet, but from the script and from the days on set, they are really working hard. I mean, the goal was to make it as close to the book as possible, given the time constraints of the film.

Cam Gigandet

What makes it still a vampire, physically, since these are not conventional vampires?
I was going to say that they are all stunning-looking, but that is mostly with regards to the Cullen family, the good family of vampires. They are all stunning… They walk into a room and everyone stops and stares, but, aside from that, the trackers — the bad ones — they look like bums.