Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day #10

a still from the new movie: Twilight

The new Breaking Dawn quote for today (July 21, 2008) is:

Edward: “Oops.”

It’s a short one today… very hard to guess what it could be about. It’s weird that Edward is saying ‘oops.’ Did he make a mistake? Did Edward Cullen make a mistake? Is it a big mistake? Like accitdently biting Bella in a kiss? (One of my theories of how the biting thing could go down… They are kissing and his teeth accidently brush against Bella’s lips and she says “Ouch…” and pulls away and he’s like NOOOOOOO.) Or is it a small mistake? Like letting Emmett be the best man at the wedding and give some kind of inappropriate speech? Give me your ideas. Got any good theories?


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i reckon its another kiss gone wrong part 10000. i sweak bella said that once in new moon but hmmm…not sure what this could mean!

Comment by Candy

I’m betting it has to do with the wedding night…

Comment by Marye~

i dont think it would be cuz he bit her cuz if he bit her he would FLIP out. lol, i was think it same thing about the “did EDWARD CULLEN make a mistake?!” im pretty sure it would be a small one cuz “oops” sounds so not dramatic. mabey hes being sarcastic?

Comment by penny!!

i agree with penny about the sarcastic idea. it sounds like alice had done something outrageous at the wedding and bellas like how could u not tell me about this and edward would say “oops” and smile his adorable crooked smile… *sigh*

Comment by fatema

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