For this week’s Twilight Tuesday, we got a deeper look into Rosalie Cullen. Nikki Reed talked about the Rosalie’s backstory.

Reed: Well, Rosalie was raped and beaten by her fiance back about 100 years ago, and she almost died. Carlisle found her, and I guess he couldn’t bear to see her bleeding and dying on the ground. And so he changed her into a vampire, because he wanted Edward to have a soul mate…

Larry is also asking us Twihard fans to come up with some questions that are going to be asked at the New York signing on August 1st. To ask a question, submit it in a comment, but make sure not to ask a question that was already asked. They will just use the name of the first person that asked. To read more about Rosalie and submit a question, CLICK HERE.


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What would you change about any of the character in the Twilight series?

Comment by Kelsey

personally, i would change Bella. i want her to be a little less whiny. dont get me wrong. i love bella. she just is a little bit annoying. or would want jasper to be a little less self conscious. he’s overly careful around bella. i understand why, but i wanna know more about him.

Comment by spidurmunkey

My question:
Jacob’s father Billy is in a wheelchair. Ephraim Black and Jacob were werewolves, but what about Billy? Did he ever go through the transformation process and how did he end up in a wheelchair?

thanks! x

Comment by Stephanie Cullen

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