So, we all know that on the DVD extras of Penelope, there is a Twilight Behind the Scenes and a sneak peek of a scene in the movie. Well guess what? IT IS AWESOME! And here it is, for your viewing pleasure. (No copy infringement intended)

AHHHH!!!! Exciting, isn’t it? I especially like the behind the scenes where they are dancing in the cafeteria. This just makes me more excited for the movie, and I know you all agree.

So what do you think of this new scene?


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OMG! thats so kool! i cant wait 2 c the movie! =)

Comment by Bailz

what does “ome!” mean?

Comment by Jack

I absolutely love this. i rented penelope and must have rewound it over a dozen times. i love when he pulls her into him. the look on his face… To me, i feel like i can hear him (Edward) thinking “Can i do this? Do I have the self-control?” then he looks at her again and he thinks, “I don’t understand what i’m feeling…” TOtally amazing! I love Kristen too. I think she’s a very good actress.

Comment by Janie

i don’t know how anyone could have dislike Robert as edward?? When i first found out I screamed out of excitement. He’s not the devastatingly good looking guy but to me, Edward’s looks weren’t entirely perfect. I think what makes him 100% “perfect” is his personality. The way we can understand him(for the most part). I think Robert is the best actor we could have gotten for the part.

Comment by Kristine

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