Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day #14

The new Breaking Dawn quote for today (July 25, 2008) is:

Edward: “You look so guilty—like you’ve committed a crime.”

Hmmm. So why is Bella looking so guilty? Or is it not Bella? Here is something that I thought of that is pretty funny, and possibly realistic. If it wasn’t Bella, the two other people he could be talking about/to is either Emmett or Alice. Now, if it’s Alice, she is obviously looking guilty about something she did to the wedding that maybe he wouldn’t like because Bella would think that it’s too expensive. (She could be blocking her thoughts again so he didn’t know what she did.) Or, if it was Emmett, it could be about anything. It could have been something he did to Bella, but I also don’t think that he would LOOK guilty if he did anything. So, I think that it is Bella. Maybe she is looking guilty when she gets back from her Batchlorette party. Did the girls take her to a strip club, not telling Edward, and now she’s embarrassed and feels guilty? Haha, that would be funny. Well, tell me what you think. Do you got any good theories?


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I was think he was talking to Alice. I like your idea that she did something to the wedding. Knowing Alice it will be a very extravagant affair.

Comment by Marye~

dont know… i think it could be bella since edward can tell her face clearly sometimes
i dont think its alice since well i dont know… its not like edward to say that to alice, he can read thoughts remember? its probaly bella since he cant read her head and doesnt know, so now he’s asking

do you know what i mean?
if edward was talking to some other person lets say alice, he would be curious AND read her mind to find out without bothering to ask, but hes asking so it must be someone he cant read so it must be bella

im sorry if im repeating to many stuff, i know it sound confusing

Comment by Esther

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