Twilighters.org Interview with Kellan Lutz (EMMETT!)

The amazing Twilighters over at twilighters.org have up an awesome interview with Kellan Lutz. It’s really, really good and we get a great inside peek of Emmett. Kellan is Emmett to a T. (He really acts like him… with his big teddy bear, big brother demeanor!)

Kellan: You know what was really funny, when we were shooting in LA actually, the craziest thing was like ‘Hey!” oh wait, what did they say…um, “hey if you bite my neck I’ll give you my baby!” And the mom had her baby there and she was like ‘take my baby! Take my baby! I want a vampire baby! Bite her neck!” It was just the cutest thing. We were all laughing and everyone was really cool. So that was probably the most fun I had with the fans and stuff.

He has some really good stories in his interview, too. Plus, he knows the ending of Breaking Dawn! AH! LUCKY! I guess one of the perks of being part of the Cullen family. Lucky. Defiantly worth reading! To read more of it, CLICK HERE!


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