Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day #17

The new Breaking Dawn quote for today (July 28, 2008) is:

Jasper: “I can’t understand. I can’t bear this.”

Hey, we finally have a quote from Jasper! Ok, so this quote is obviously about Jasper feeling some kind of an emotion… A bad one? Because he can’t stand it, it’s probably a really, really strong emotion. Hmm. So, could it be Bella’s? That’s likely. Maybe it’s when she is being bitten… but then why wouldn’t he understand? So, probably not that. Maybe it’s a good emotion. Is it possible that he is feeling this at the wedding? That he is feeling the love between Edward and Bella? And he is confused at how strong their emotions are. Because Jasper can feel people’s emotions, he can feel both Edward’s and Bella’s. Maybe because he is feeling how BOTH of them feel about each other, the intense love is staggering and hard to understand. Hm. It’s possible. Tell me your theories!  :]


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i think that it is more of a joke… that jasper can’t take alice anymore and is just getting too “overwhelmed”. At least, i hope it isn’t anything serious!

Comment by pKohli

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