Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day #20

The new Breaking Dawn quote for today (July 31, 2008) is:

Jacob: “I’ll kill you myself! I’ll do it now!”

(Ok, sorry Team Jacob in advanced.) Jacob is a whiney baby. Didn’t we see this in Eclipse? Doesn’t this sound familiar? Like when he said he was going to kill himself just so Bella would kiss him? Ugh. I like Jacob and all (just not for Bella) but this kinda stuff he does really urks me. Ok, so what could this quote be about? I really hope it’s not about Bella, but it seems to be like that, doesn’t it? He is gonna be happy in the end… we all know it. We love him a little too much for him to be miserable. He’s gonna imprint and then he’ll forget all about Bella. Well, not all about her. But he’d be really happy. And isn’t that what we all want for Jake?

Jacob, I am sorry. I apologize. I thought you said that you were going to kill yourself (“I’ll kill myself. I’ll do it now.”). Not kill them (whoever them is) yourself. I am sooo sorry. So, this means a different theory. So he said “kill you myself.” Hmm… something to do with the Vampire/Werewolf/Volturri war to come? Very possible. Very, very possible. Maybe he is angry at Edward because he is gonna bite Bella. Hm. Or maybe he gets upset at one of the Vamps from Denali. Who knows? Well, I like this quote much more than what I thought it said. Again, Jacob. I am deeply sorry. I should have known that you wouldn’t stoop down to that immature level that you did in Eclipse. Again, sorry Jake. I LOVE YOU WOLF BOY! (Even though I’m with the vampires, of course.)


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