Sparkly Robert Pattinson Dazzles Me

About.com has up a spectacular article about how he became the sparkling Edward Cullen. Exactly what did they do to make him sparkle in the sun?

“We did like a thousand different ideas. Like, we did this thing with salts, like flakes of salt, and stuff. And I was doing all these things, like every single thing. I remember they painted one of the PAs blue, just kind of a confused direction… He ends up kind of just a kind of blue head – I don’t really know what they were thinking with that.”

A really great article! Oh, and for all of you Rob Hatterz, your just jealous. He is going to / has made a great Edward Cullen! 😛 (He’s all sparkly and dazzling and such. Yay Spunk!) To read the full article, CLICK HERE!


Twilight TUESDAY: August 26th

Well, if yesterday’s news and videos weren’t enough, we now have our favorite day of the week: TWILIGHT TUESDAY. Twilight Tuesday this week gave us something to do September 7th. 

For months now, “Twilight” Tuesdays have been bringing you your weekly fix of news about Stephenie Meyer’s vampire series and Catherine Hardwicke’s movie adaptation. This week, we’re also bringing news about our own little venture, the MTV Video Music Awards, where stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will be presenting an award.

YAY! Twilight will be at the MTV VMAs!! Yippe. Well, that’s defiantly what I will be watching that night. They also gave us an interview with our favorite werewolf boy, Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner)! He talks about the sequels to Twilight!

“Twilight” fans know the movie is going to be huge. But Hollywood big-shots aren’t usually motivated by the same squealing, giddy impulses as the rest of us, and we’re going to have to wait until the box-office numbers come in before real talk on a “New Moon” movie begins.

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Thanks MTV!


Twilight Monday: August 25th

After all these back-to-school blues, Twilight surely brightened my day! This Twilight.. Monday? (August 25th, fyi) we found out that the cast went back to film another scene for the movie/trailer/extra footage! EEK!!! So, pretty much, the message they wanted to get across: NEW TWILIGHT SCENES ARE IN THE WORKS!!


Often, movies have to reshoot scenes when the powers that be are less than satisfied with the original footage, but Peter Facinelli, who plays vampire patriarch Carlisle Cullen, put a positive spin on the work they’ll be doing. “They liked it so much, they are bringing us back for some encore time — to beef it up,” he said. “A little salt and pepper.”

Pahahahahaha. I love Peter! He is a great Dr. Cullen!! Emmett and Jacob also talk about the additional scene in the article. To read it, CLICK HERE!

Catherine Hardwicke on Reelz Channel

Reelz Channel has up a great video interview with Catherine Hardwicke!

PS: Sorry I haven’t updated too recently, guys. School is keeping me extreeeemly busy. I promise to do better!

Kellan Lutz Interview on Hollywood 411

Kellan Lutz stopped by Hollywood 411 to talk about his roles on Generation Kill, Beverly Hills 90210, and Twilight. Isn’t Kellan an awesome Emmett? He’s all big and grizzly. Haha. Here it is, and it’s amazing:

See? Defiantly the best Emmett possible!

Robert Pattinson is featured on The Movie Fanatic

The dazzeling RPattz has a feature on tMF (the movie fanatic). The little article-blog spot they have up is called “Why is Robert Pattinson getting so much buzz? Is the talent deserving of the hype?”

Rob definitely comes alive when the cameras roll though. His performances were always heightened by pressure – he would often in rehearsals say – OK it’s not right now, but I know what is needed and I’ll get it on the day. 

So what do you all think? Do you think that HIS talent is deserving or do you think it is more about the ROLE? Personally, I love Spunk! The role just adds to his awesomeness! But, that is my opinion. :]

PI Readers Bare Their Fangs in Defense of Breaking Dawn

Seattle PI has up an article that defends Stephenie Meyer’s unexpected conclusion to the Twilight Saga. (Spoiler)

Who cares if a vampire technically can’t father a child? What’s the big beef if everyone lives happily ever after? Can’t you all stop picking on poor Stephenie Meyer?

Personally, I loved Breaking Dawn. I did like the happy ending… for everyone. But it didn’t quite finish for me. I think there’s more to tell of the story. Who knows, maybe someday she’ll pick it back up. Hmm. But, anyway, the PI readers are biting back at the nasty comments and reviews Breaking Dawn has received. All fans of Stephenie Meyer unite in support of her after former fans lashed out at the series’ finale, “Breaking Dawn.” To read the entire article, CLICK HERE!