Twilight Tuesday: Breaking Dawn Movie?

Already? Twilight hasn’t even come out yet! Well, not exactly a concrete script, but Stephenie Meyer talks to MTV about the possibility of the Breaking Dawn movie. Spoiler Warning! 

Stephenie got back to us on that one, with a not-so-controversial answer: “The book is actually broken up into book one, book two and book three, and the end of book two is kind of the exact middle of the story,” Meyer said, referring to the conclusion of the section Jacob narrates, when Renesmee is born and Bella becomes a vampire.

Stephenie Meyer talked about splitting the movie into two parts because it would be too long for one movie. How much would that suck? What a HORRIBLE cliff hanger! AH, that would be really frustrating. Haha, oh well. To read more, CLICK HERE!


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