Crazed Twilight Fandom. But We’re Not the Only Ones…

So Film.com had an article about the five most rabid fanbases. There were Ringers (Lord of the Ring Fans), Trekkies, HP Fans, something called Whedonists, and, of course, TWILIGHTERS! Apparently, these guys over there are quite terrified of us Twilighters. They know how hardcore we get about our fictional fantasies. And, apparently, Laremy first saw us at Comic Con. What a great first impression!

Laremy: They lined up at 8 for a Thursday noon panel.
Dre: Well, that’s not so bad. That happens at Comic-Con.
Laremy: Dre … 8 at night.
Dre: Huh?
Laremy: That’s pm.
Dre: I … see.
Laremy: That’s 16 hours early. They CAMPED out.
Dre: Yes, yes … I think I understand now.
Laremy: No. No, you don’t. They wear homemade t-shirts that say “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob.” They scream anytime that Cam guy appears on camera, anywhere in the world. 
Dre: OK, OK. I got it.
Laremy: Listen, Dre. You ever see one of ’em … damnit, you run. You run and you don’t look back.

Hahaha. That’s probably good advice. Well, great job Twilight Fandom! We’ve made it to the top of the rabid fanbases! (We even beat Star Wars!) To read about the Twilight fandom and the others mentioned, CLICK HERE!


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