Wizard and Vampire Peace Treaty

 In case you’ve missed them, which would be kinda hard because there were so many, there have been a few articles that compare Twilight to Harry Potter or Stephenie Meyer to JK Rowling. This has started a new Fandom War between the wizards and vamps. Is this really necessary?

These fandoms used to get along! Can’t we just go back to that? Let’s stop bashing the other book… It’s not a war! As the Lex said, there is no comparison.

Taking a quick look around the fandom, it seems there are several other Twilight sites that are also as mystified as we are. Is there a team Gossip Girls vs. a Team Princess Diaries, vs a Team Traveling Pants? Is there a Team Gandalf vs. Team Aslan?  Is there and Anne of Green Gables vs. Little Women showdown death match? The answer is a pretty resounding “NO”!

Exactly! Let’s stop choosing sides! You don’t have to team up. Who says you have to choose? No one. Remember, our Edward was once IN Harry Potter. The only similarity I can see between these two amazing books is the fantasy aspect. Yes, they both involve mystical creatures and/or mystical villains. But really… A war over a genre? Also, as pointed out, they are both intensely popular and were written by some awesome female authors!

Let’s not give these two great fandoms a bad rep! Let’s try to represent Twilight in a positive manor! Don’t be one of those fans who get too riled up and bash the other. We are all in the same family! VAMPIRES LOVE WIZARDS [and vise versa]. So, angry fans, stop being so stupid.

As of now, along with a few other top Twilight sites, Spidurmunkey is no longer linking these types of articles anymore – they shouldn’t be considered real news! Let’s put an end to this ridiculously unnecessary fandom war! BOTH BOOKS ARE EQUALLY AWESOME.

Besides, Harry Potter was my first love (actually, Draco was) and Twilight is just joining the fun! Not replacing. Let’s be friendly and accepting to both books/fandoms! I suggest a Wizard and Vampire peace treaty. But… mostly for the fans!

Sorry for the rant. :]


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