Sparkly Robert Pattinson Dazzles Me

About.com has up a spectacular article about how he became the sparkling Edward Cullen. Exactly what did they do to make him sparkle in the sun?

“We did like a thousand different ideas. Like, we did this thing with salts, like flakes of salt, and stuff. And I was doing all these things, like every single thing. I remember they painted one of the PAs blue, just kind of a confused direction… He ends up kind of just a kind of blue head – I don’t really know what they were thinking with that.”

A really great article! Oh, and for all of you Rob Hatterz, your just jealous. He is going to / has made a great Edward Cullen! 😛 (He’s all sparkly and dazzling and such. Yay Spunk!) To read the full article, CLICK HERE!


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I tottaly agree!!!Robert is a perfect Edward!!

Comment by Vicky

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