Happy Twilight Tuesday! Today’s Twilight Tuesday (September 30, 2008), Larry blessed us with an interview with the gorgeous Cam Gigadent. *drool*

MTV: You explained to us recently that during your fight scene, you and Rob were covered in chicken and honey. Care to elaborate on that?
Gigandet: Well, obviously, vampires don’t bleed if they get cut. So we’re in the middle of the fight, and Robert is biting me, and what we needed was something that looked meaty — that sounds gross — something that looked like flesh. [Laughs.] And yet, we needed something, like a liquid of some sort. … So we started off with chicken, and it was just getting everywhere. We were running out of chicken, and eventually after that, we actually replaced the chicken with Swiss cheese — seriously. And he can’t have it in his mouth at first, so we had to stick it on my neck and push it in. [What fans will see] is layer upon layer of Swiss cheese and honey upon more honey, all over my neck. Yuck.

Sounds like a bunch of fun. Wooh. Haha. I can’t seem to find the video on youtube, but if anyone comes across it, please email (or comment) with the link. To read the entire transcript article, CLICK HERE!


Kristen’s Interview in “Girls of Fall: Autumn’s Crop of Enchanting Entertainers”

Kristen Stewart was interviewed by WWD Lifestyle:

The huge fan base ofTwilight has taken Stewart by surprise. “I sort of figured it would always stay like a cult movie, because Catherine Hardwicke directs good indies. It seemed like it would be not that big of a deal. It has turned out to be the opposite.” 

To read the whole thing, CLICKY HERE!

Peter Facinelli’s Interview on MTV

MTV’s awesome Larry Carroll has up a great interview with Peter Facinelli, Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Since the 10 year special edition release of “Can’t Hardly Wait” is being released soon, MTV asked Peter to compare the compassionate, caring, honorable Carlisle Cullen to the lovable, obnoxious teenager, Mike Dexter.

MTV: Any Mike Dexter moments where everybody turned against you?
Facinelli: I think someone might have called me a f– [like somebody did to Mike Dexter in “Can’t Hardly Wait”]. I’m looking around and screaming, “Did someone just call Carlisle a f–?”
MTV: You’re like, “Pattinson! I know it’s you!”
Facinelli: Yeah, and then Carlisle screams, “I’ll kick everyone’s ass in this room!”

Hahahahahahaha!!!! I LOVE PETER FACINELLI! At first I liked him because I kept thinking how he was perfect for Carlisle because of his debonair attitude. Like, he was Carlisle. And now, he’s just amazing. And awesome. And I love him. This interview was soo hilarious! I was laughing my butt off and my whole family was staring at me like I was crazy. But this really was so excellent, it made my day! I especially like Larry’s “Pattinson! I know it’s you!” Hahahaha!! I can’t wait to see what they have for us tomorrow, Twilight Tuesday! To read the whole interview, CLICK HERE!

RPattz = God

RopeOfSilicon has up a hilarious article about Robert Pattinson being god. Of course it was meant to mock us, but all in good fun! Plus, it’s pretty funny! They also have a great “ROB GOD” wallpaper! It’s already set as my background. Lol. *No hate messages on the article guys. It was meant as a funny, not to be mean. Plus, she made a great wallpaper!

Their outcry came as a shock, considering I did add him to the list, but I felt it was impossible to judge Pattinson against mere mortals. The problem here is that I don’t consider Pattinson an actor… I consider him a GOD! I mean, would someone rate God?

To read the rest of the post and get the ROB GOD wallpaper, CLICK HERE!

Jack’s Mannequin: The Resolution

Finally! The music video is out! And, Stephenie and all who were involved: great job! Check it out:

Top 10 Movies Left to See in 2008

Film School Rejects has a countdown of the top 10 remaining must see movies of 2008. And guess what tops at number ten? Yuppers. TWILIGHT! Shaboom. We keep topping the charts, guys! Us Twilighters decide the ratings. Oh, can you feel the power? Lol, just kidding. But it is amazing. We’re always on top. 

Yeah, I know that it’s a teenie-bopper movie. It is all over the programming schedule of MTV and it looks like it could play on The CW, but Twilight is more than just another teen romance, it is becoming a pop culture phenomenon in the same way that Harry Potter did back in the early 2000s. Aside from that, I hear that the book is actually pretty good, no matter who you are. So prepare yourself for the brooding and the vampy sap-story, because you really shouldn’t miss Twilight when it hits theaters.

To see what else made the list, CLICK HURR!

Twilight Pins and Keychains

Check out these new Twilight pins and keychains Hot Topic has! Thanks BellaAndEdward.com for the pictures. =]