Twilight at the VMAs

Twilight fans around the world are baring their fangs. Millions of Twilighters tuned in to MTV’s VMAs just to see the cast of Twilight introduce Paramore. And what are most of them saying? HUGE LET DOWN! Well, actually, I found it quite funny. Probably because I was expecting disaster. (Spunk is not the most coordinated of them all, and did you see those stairs???) 

In case you missed it, here is what happened:

“OHHH EMMM GEEE DID HE JUST CUT OF EDWARD FRIKKIN CULLEN???!?!?!?!” Haha, yeah he did. Also, yes. These books are bloody popular, indeed. (Hahah, talk about irony. BLOODY popular. Great!) And as Bailey (NoMoreMarbles) pointed out, he was probably nervous about that one line and worrying about it all day. Poor Spunk. And what’s up with Jacob being all around Bella while Edward is in the background? Hm. Well, let’s not get all peeved about the little stuff and just laugh it off. It was pretty funny! But, our dear host now has a pack of rabid Twilighters after him. “No one cuts off our Edward!!!” (haha) But, of course, Bailey said it best:

To see more of the pictures above, CLICK HERE! (Thanks EdwardandBella.net for the awesome photos!)


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