Happy 19th Birthday Bella!

 happy 19th birthday bells!!

Happy birthday to our favorite clumsy lamb! You may not be quite so frail and human anymore, but you are still the envy of every girl out there!!! I wonder if vampire birthday parties are bigger than human ones? I’m sure it is… Especially since it is your first birthday as a vampire! WISH I COULD COME! I’m sure it will rock!!!

Top 10 Reasons Bella Rocks:
1. She makes clumsiness endearing.
2. Pale is now considered desirable!
3. She has an awesome car. (All three of them she owned)
4. Edward Cullen hid in her closet. GAH!
5. She has her own space heater.
6. She has her own ice pack.
7.  She smells good!! [Which, at times, could be a bad thing. But it did attract a Vampire!]
8. She has an awesome pixie sized vampire who can see the future as a best friend
9. She is married to Edward freaking Cullen (Nuff Said)

So, again, happy 19th Birthday Bella! I’m sure it will go better than your 18th birthday! Good luck at Alice’s awesome party – Alice will be Alice, after all! (FYI, she was born September 13, 1989)

If you want to give Bella (along with all of Forks – yes, the REAL Forks)an awesome birthday present, make a donation to help save Forks High School. According to the Lex, Forks High School is condemned and is in danger of being knocked down. We can’t let a memorable Twilight landmark (and an important landmark at that) be destroyed. Any amount of money you are able to donate would be extremely appreciated. Thanks to the Twilight Lexicon for this awesome project idea! CLICK HERE to help out!!!!!


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I haven’t finished my website yet but it is all Twilight all the time check it out on iGoogle. I’ll post another comment when it is done. I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “How much are you opposed to grand theft auto?” – Alice Cullen. STEPHENIE MEYER IS AN OFFICIAL GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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