Twilight Tuesday: September 16th, 2008

Hey guys. Real quick before I start my massive advanced comp project (that’s right, I’m putting off homework to feed you rabid Twilighters), I will update you all on this week’s Twilight Tuesday! MTV, bless them, gave us an awesome interview with Melissa Rosenberg who wrote the script! There are a bunch of funny things in this interview. She compared Edward and Bella’s relationship to the relationships present in Broke Back Mountain. But, before you freak, she means it in the ‘forbidden love’ type of way. She also talks about everybody’s favorite line: “Better hold on tight Spider monkey!” Eep! Too bad there’s no shout out to us, huh? Oh, and we also get a quick shout out from Mike Newton wishing us a Happy Twilight Tuesday. Thanks Mike, it was quite happy! (But then again, what Tuesday isn’t?)

MTV: Are there any lines of dialogue that make you particularly proud?
Rosenberg: Well, I can tell you this: “Spider monkey,” I believe, comes from Rob Pattinson. I didn’t actually write “spider monkey.”
MTV: Really? Because the fans already love that line in the clips we’ve seen when Edward tells Bella, “You better hold on tight, spider monkey!”
Rosenberg: That was an improv.
MTV: So is that one of the things where a screenwriter sees the movie and says, “Sweet improv!” Or do you go, “He ruined my script! ‘Spider monkey’ is not accurate!”
Rosenberg: [Laughs.] Well, what I should say is, “I came up with spider monkey on my own. I wrote that.”

Rob. Is. Aesome. End of story. [Video will be up soon]. Read the article and watch the MTV video HERE! It’s pretty sweet!


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