Shabamm! And here’s the News:

So, just for all you guys, I stayed up to find out what all the hub bub was about. Ok, so a little bit for myself. Curiosity didn’t kill this cat! Lolz. So, the TwiCon site has some AMAZING news! They will be hosting a Twilight Convention in Houston, Texas! It’s Amazing, really! It is going to be from July 30-August 2. There are 2,000 spots and it will cost $255. This price covers the four days of the convention which includes a masquerade ball and a movie screening! The $ also covers heavy aurdoves and a brunch. Or, I think that’s what they said. OOH! They are donating a large part of their profits to charity! They are thinking about having a blood drive, and also have some amazing guests. Who? KALEB and the awesome guys from EVIL IGUANA! Yay!! Haha. Also, they will be staying in the Sheraton and they got a great deal for convention goers! *YOU HAVE TO BE 18 TO GO! Or, if you are underaged, you have to have an adult (or someone over the age of 21) to go with you. And yes, they must register. The price of the convention does not cover your hotel or the plane ticket. But, the hotel (which usually only lets 2 people per room) is allowing 4 people a room for the special deal = $139 (instead of $209). They tried to pick a central location, plus it’s in the South with the Vampire wars! Lol. And, if you are interested in volunteering, you must be at least fourteen.  They can’t guarantee that anyone famous is gonna be there because actors are busy people. They are hoping to get a few people there, but nothing is ever concrete with actors. And this goes with any convention. Plus, Bailey is guaranteed to be there. So, rest easy. Lolz. Speaking of Bailey, she is trying to get Mike Welch to come. How hilarious would that be?They will also be doing a live podcast from the convention hall. Awesome! To read anything I haven’t covered, which I think I hit just about everything, you can either comment and I will get back ASAP or you can read the post HERE! To register, go HERE! And HURRY!!! Because no one knows how long the tickets will be out! They could be sold out by tomorrow. Or the next. Or the NEXT! AHH! Haha, but seriously. Hurry. =]

Hotel number: 888-627-8191, ask for the Twicon convention rate. $139 is the special price.

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