Jasper/Jackson Needs Guitar Picks!!

In a recent interview, Jackson Rathbone expressed his need for guitar picks! 

Q: There are fan projects all around for your co-stars, such as sending candy to Kellan Lutz, jewellery for Ashley Greene and socks for Michael Welch. What would you like to see overflowing your mailbox?
A: Guitar picks. I’m constantly losing them and need as many as I can get. That would be pretty sweet to have overflowing my mailbox.

What a great idea! After all, if Mike can get Tube Socks, Kellan gets candy, and Ashley gets jewelry, then Jackson, our musically talented Jasper, should be able to get picks! We always see him on set playing his guitar during downtime, so he MUST go through quite a few guitar picks. Probably looses a few, too. But now, Jackson’s worries are now over. Why? Because the Twilight Mafia is on the case! Lol.

Send your guitar picks along with a letter to “Jacksper” at the address below.

Make sure to tell him the Mafia sent ya!

The Paradigm Agency
Attn: Chris Schmidt for Jackson Rathbone
360 N. Crescent Drive
North Building
Beverly Hills, 90210

Do me a favor. Along with saying the Mafia sent you, also tell him that Spidurmunkey sent you! And, maybe if you are artistically inclined, you could design your own Twilight guitar pick! If you do, send me a picture and I will feature it! So, GO SEND HIM AS MANY GUITAR PICKS AS YOU GOT!!!

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