Twilight Tuesday: October 7th

Happy Twilight Tuesday!! And might I say, this is the best Twilight Tuesday EVER!!!!!! I was laughing and squealing through the entire thing! No, joke. No joke. 

Q“Robert, will you suck my blood out?” – Alley
Pattinson: Yes. Right now? Do they give their addresses and stuff?
MTV: They give their names, and I am sure if you click on MTV.com, you could e-mail any of them.
Pattinson: “Will you suck my blood out?” Is that, like, a worried question? Or is it kind of a desiring question? I won’t if you don’t want me to.

“If you had a choice to play any character (gender aside), who would it be?” – BobKellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen): I’d play Rosalie. She’s just so feisty. And you know, to think about the gender thing, playing a female would be quite fun. It would be a stretch for an actor who is male, so yeah, I would enjoy playing your role.
Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale): Well, thanks, babe.
Lutz: And she has a hot outfit. I’m wearing velour, by the way, so I doubt anyone said Emmett. 
Reed: My monkey man!

AHH! He agreed to suck our blood! And Monkey Man! Lolz. Let me just say this, all of the Cullen couples have such amazing chemistry! Eep! So, on the actual MTV Blog, they have quite a few videos, I only have the first one up so far… But they are all equally as awesome! To read the full transcript and see all of the videos, CLICK HERE.

Larry also posted a blog entry where he discusses the upcoming Twilight Live event and he promises some important news in the coming weeks. Click HERE to read it.


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