ome. holy shnap. o jeeze. *insert hyperventilation!!!!*

Oh my god! I CANT WAIT!! EEP! You know what my favorite part was? When she dropped the apple and kicked it up!!! And when they were walking through the parking lot and people were staring. They were all smiling and looked soo happy! And when Alice, Emmett, and Jasper come soaring into the Ballet studio!!!!! AHH! And Rob’s American accent!! *DIES*

Also, tomorrow, Friday October 10th, is the big day: Webcaster announcement! So, I will be on Blog TV twice. At four o’clock for the pre(super-early)show to just talk and stuff about all the new Twilight stuff we got this week [let’s face it = best Twilight week ever]. Then, I will be on shortly after the announcement at 10:30pm. Both are Eastern time, mind you. And, I don’t know how long I will be on… But make sure to spread the word! It’s gonna be VAMPTASTIC! I’m super excited! It’s the first time I’m actually using blogTv so you will have to cope with me. Lol. But, tell your friends and tune in!!!  Blog TV Anyone?


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