Hot Topic News

HisGoldenEyes has some big news from Nancy, an assistant manager from Hot Topic!First announcement, you can enter to win a trip for 2 to the Twilight movie premiere! Just click the image below to go to the contest page to read the details and enter.

Secondly, Hot Topic stores may be having a Soundtrack “listening party” on October 24th.Here’s what Nancy said in her email:

Every Hot Topic store on the 24th of October will be playing the exclusive soundtrack on their players at 7pm!! So fans of the movie will get a first listening peak to the soundtrack loooooooong before it even comes out! During the listening party I believe we’ll be giving 10% off all TWILIGHT merchandise (I’ll check out our stores emails today just to confirm but I’m almost certain thats what it is). ALSO! We will be giving away two sets of FANGS to the best dressed CHARACTER from the book. So the best dressed Cullen, Bella, Jacob, James, Victoria, etc, etc, etc…will win a pair of fangs. There will only be 2 winners though. 
*It has been confirmed that stores are doing this, contact your local one to find out if they are.

Last, but not least, we have news on some upcoming merchandise which includes a Stupid Lamb shirt, a Baseball Tee that has Forks High School written on the front, another Edward tee, and a Cullen Crest hoodie. Awesome!! Again, here’s what Nancy said:

Our newest merchandise in store that our internet store currently does not have up displayed is our “STUPID LAMB” shirt. It’s a girls white tee that has “STUPID LAMB” written on the front and in a blue hue has TWILIGHT written on the back. Please let people know to call and verify first to see if their nearest HOT TOPIC currently carries it. Ours currently does. Some of the future TWILIGHT merchandise include a baseball girls tee that has “FORKS HIGH SCHOOL” written on the front and TWILIGHT written on the sleeve of it. Then there will be a EDWARD girls tee that looks identical to that of the POSTER that we currently sell. Then there will be a girls hoodie that is identical to the girls “CULLEN CREST” tee. There are a few others but I will have to go look again to remember what it looks like. I’ll print a copy of the merchandise today at work so I can send you a picture of the future merchandise.

Man, this Nancy is awesome! Thanks Nancy! And thanks HisGoldenEyes for the heads up!!! =]

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