Twilight Tuesday: October 14th

Happy Twilight Tuesday everyone! This week we get a closer lookat Christian Serratos, aka Angela Webber. (It seems a little familiar to me… I think the first section of her interview was included last week.)

Christian SerratosMTV: Tell us about your favorite scene you got to shoot.
Serratos: Oh, gosh, I don’t know if I can pick one! They were all painful because it was very cold, but they were all so much fun. I think my two favorites would have to be the car crash scene (as glimpsed in the new “Twilight” trailer), which was actually the first scene that all the quote-unquote humans shot together, and it was probably one of the coldest days. It was raining and cold, and it was a very long day, but we all had a blast doing it. Watching the stunts and stuff was mind-boggling.

Awe. She’s a pretty awesome Angela, don’t you think? Once I find the youtube video of her interview, I’ll put it up. If anyone finds it, please comment the link. In the mean time, watch it over HERE and also read the transcript. You could read the blog HERE. HAPPY TUESDAY!!! =]


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