More About the Twilight Soundtrack Listening Parties

Remember Nancy, the amazing girl over at Hot Topic who first told us about the parties? Well, she has also let us know that if you pre-order the CD during the hour of its preview you will get a free Twilight bookmark! How cool is that! You could use it while reading the books! Lolz.

There is also a new merchandise update. Here is the email from HisGoldenEyes:

Not sure how far off these merch ideas will be to hit shelves since the concept of them were only announced. But we’ll be getting a ring set (not sure what the ring set consists of) and a jewelry box with a dancing apple inside where a ballerina would normally stand. Also we just got in two new merch for the guys today. A new TWILIGHT hoodie that says “Are you afraid?” on the lower back of it and a shirt with Edward and Bella’s silhouette that says “I love watching you”

Haha, awesome! I can’t wait to see the ring set, and I love the jewelry box idea! But, I gotta say, the I love watching you thing as a little bit creepy. Maybe it’s just me. Lol.


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im so happy
i love the the twilight soundtrack
i want to buy it

Comment by ladiesmile

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