Twilight Takes Over the World!

KansasCity.com has an awesome article about how huge Twilight is becoming! Here’s a few of the stats:

– For seven straight weeks after BREAKING DAWN was released, all four books in the series were on USA Today’s Top 5 Best Seller List. Heck yess!

– There was so much response to the TWILIGHT casting photos when they were initially posted, MTV.com’s server crashed. The response was very similar to in numbers to the likes of Harry Potter and Spider-Man franchises. Haha. Remind you of anything (cough cough *twicon*)

– When EntertainmentTonight.com posted the second teaser trailer on their website, they received more views than any of their breaking news stories. No surprise. Who needs news when you got TWILIGHT?!

– The Entertainment Weekly TWILIGHT Saga cover was the best-selling cover of the year for them, surpassing their Dark Knight and Harry Potter covers. =0

– Ticket sales for the Rome International Film Festival sold out in a few hours, prompting festival organizers to add another screening. In Spain, over 1,000 screaming fans tried to get into a presentation at the Sitges Film Festival, more than 3 times the maximum occupancy. Woot!

How awesome are we? Twilighters… WE HAVE THE POWER! Haha. To check out the full listing, click HERE!


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