Emmett Band

MTV has up a great interview video with my favorite Cullen – Emmett! (Aka, Kellan Lutz) They talk about how Harry Potter books lead to Wizard Rock Bands and how Twilight has done the same for us! What would that be called? VRock? TwiRock? Hmm.. Haha. Well, Kellan has also made a request from all you Twilight Bands: AN EMMETT BAND! That would be awesome! I love this guy!

But what Lutz would really like to see, when he’s being selfish, is a band based on Emmett. After all, if all the different characters in Harry Potter get bands singing from that character’s perspective, why not extend the idea to Twilight?

“There should be an Emmett band! Big old guys who are hunters, singing,” he laughed. “With big grizzly beards. Emmett and the Cullens. Hey, let’s start it!”

Hahahaha. GRIZZLY beards. Oh, Emmett. Your wish is our command. So if you guys have any awesome songs you’ve written in Emmett’s perspective or about Emmett, send them in to spidurmunkey@gmail.com. I would love to hear them! I will even put it up here if it’s totally vamptastic! =]
To read the article/blog over at MTV, and see the video, just click HERE.

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