That hair…

Everyone has something unique… that sets them apart. Especially celebs. Example? Angelina Jolie’s lips. So it’s no surprise that everyone has been buzzing about Robert Pattinson’s hair. And who can blame them? That hair is a work of art. Purely amazing. How does he do it?! Really, though… can you show me one other celeb that has that kind of hair? Ummhmm. Didn’t think so. In fact, EOnline has a mini blurb (more like a single bullet) about Rob at the Sex Drive premiere. What do you think they noticed about him? His hair, of course!

Robert Pattinson took our advice and got himself out on to a red carpet at the Sex Drivepremiere. Look at that hair. How is it even possible?

How IS that possible? I would like to know. Lol. Spunk’s fantastic hair is not the only thing that sets him apart. Look at that ahhmaazing jaw line and that stare. Oh, god, that stare!!! ^.^ We love you Spunky! You never cease to dazzle us. Even though you did have that beard… but that’ in the past now… Forgive and Forget, that’s the Spidurmunkey way. Lol.


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