Greatest News Ever

Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Haha. Ha! Haa… There is the most hilarious news up on Daily Nexus! It’s about a woman who had a restraining order because of domestic abuse! Now, I know what you are thinking. HORRIBLE! But, it’s not what you think. Read it here:

Two weeks before her wedding, a woman in Iowa was ordered by a judge to keep away from her fiancé after she was charged with domestic abuse. What’d she do, you ask? She bit him. Just clamped her teeth right onto his hand and chomped down.

Now, do you see what happens when you read Twilight too much? You hurt people. Go on, put the book down. You’re not a 12-year-old girl.

Tomorrow’s forecast: Vampire revenge. Get your garlic ready.

Hhahahaha!!!! Not what you were expecting, was it? Click HERE for the article. Phahaha. I don’t think I can stop laughing! This might be ME someday! Lol. Just kidding (but you never know).


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