MediaBlvd Magazine Twilight Interview

MediaBlvd Magazine has up an excellent article-interview with Taylor Lautner and Edi Gathegi. Read part of it here:

MediaBlvd Magazine> For those who are not familiar with this book at all, who are your characters in the film and what is their background?

Edi Gathegi> I play Laurent. He is traveling with James and Victoria, and we’re a coven of bad vampires. I don’t like to call them bad vampires. Maybe James is bad. But, Laurent is a traditional vampire. He eats humans. That’s the way he sustains himself. Whereas, the Cullens call themselves vegetarians because they sustain themselves by eating animals. They don’t eat human beings. I think that Laurent is creepy because he eats humans, but I don’t think he has a bad sensibility or a bad heart. He doesn’t have an actual heart. Vampires don’t have hearts. 
Taylor Lautner> I play Jacob Black, who is a Native American that is part of the Quileute tribe. He’s a family friend of the Swans, Bella’s family. He’s really fun and outgoing, easy to talk to and easy to relate to. And, he’s got a pretty big crush on Bella.

MediaBlvd> Had you been fans of the vampire or werewolf genres prior to this?
Edi> I wasn’t.
Taylor> Neither was I.
Edi> I was not a vampire fan, but I’ve always had a secret desire to play one. After reading these books, I was like, “This is a fantastic vampire story,” because it’s a romance. It could be set anywhere, but it just happens to be about vampires. Stephenie makes the world very believable. So, I was excited about getting to do this particular film. It’s sexy.

Vampires are sexy! Thanks for adding your two cents guys!! To read the rest of their fangtastic (yeah, I just went there *spidurmunkey original worddd!) interview, CLICK HERE!


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