Pray for NoMoreMarbles

Bailey, an amazing TwiTuber, was recently thrown some terrible news. Her son, who we’ve all seen in the “Flying” video, was recently (and I mean, just the other day) diagnosed with Autism. 

Bailey, we all love you. Know that the heart of all twilighters goes out to you and your son. We are all praying as hard as we can for you and your son. There is always hope. ALWAYS. Your son is beautiful and obviously has all of the enthusiasm his mommy does. Your video was so touching and shows just how much you love your son. Just remember there is always hope Bailey. God has plans for your son. Your little boy will be in my prayers. Keep smiling, laughing , and loving all of us crazy fan girls because we love you and that handsome little boy. Jesika: “This is beautiful. You have a beautiful child with very intelligent eyes. We’re finding new ways to help children with autism every day, your little boy will have every opportunity available to him. :)”

we love you bailey.
stay strong & never lose hope. 

If you have never seen Bailey, she is an amazing Twilighter who has so much love for everyone! She is a smart, funny, and extremely wonderful girl who makes some of the best Twilight Videos out there. Check out her youtube and of course, leave a message wishing her well. =]


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