New Twilight TV Spotlight

Holy crow. Oh my jeeze. I THOUGHT I SAW A NEW ONE!!! So, again, last night, Twilight disrupted my sleep. I had my TV on timer and was off in dream land when i suddenly woke up. It was my subconcious screaming TWILIGHT TWILIGHT TWILIGHT at me!!! And I was still partially asleep while watching it so I wasn’t sure if it was real or a dream. And it WAS real!!! All I remember was the deep voice. Warning: You will freak out if you haven’t seen this yet… Or even if you have. WATCH WITH CAUTION!

Is Bella not wearing pants?! Ohh, Bella. You silly girl. (Would Edward even allow that?! oh, well. AHH!) Awesome clip and the awesome deep voice that sounds like that guy Jason from TwiCon – also known as “creeper Carl.” Haha. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE MY LOVE FOR THIS!!! AHHHHH!!! And the running!!! Ohzmigoshhhh!!!! Holy shmoley… AHHH!!!!!!!!! Sorry. Fangirly-ness over. for now…

*EDIT* Oh my gosh i JUST saw this on TV!! At 4:45 I saw it on my TV!!! AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!


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