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Sorry to bother you about the store again, but I have up some new designs.



Check out ALL of our products HERE. And remember, this is funding the Spidurmunkey trip to Portland to get you guys more interviews, pictures, and videos from the set of NEW MOON! You could be the first to know about the going-ons of New Moon! As always, if you can’t buy any clothes, you could always donate just a dollar or two. (If everyone donates just one dollar, the Portland trip might be made possible! You can donate by clicking the yellow button in the left side bar!) Thanks for all your love and support guys! I really, truly appreciate it all!


Rob & Rachelle: Much Music Game Extended

No Good TV’s Twilight Interview

Really funny interview, but WARNING!!!! This video drops a few F-bombs and uses some very questionable language (which is weird to hear Hardwicke say it. Lol)  XD

Bella’s Lullaby

HGE has put up some links to arrangements of Bella’s Lullaby. Keep in mind that these are arrangements, not the official music. They both come in PDF files and are both two pages long. Guess I know what I’ve gotta learn on the piano next…


Spidurmunkey Store

Now presenting, the Official Spidurmunkey Store!

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**** What am I going to do with the money? Help you guys, of course! They are planning to start shooting New Moon by March. My school’s spring break is April. I’m going to use all money I get to save up for a trip out to Portland and get some amazing interviews and pictures for you guys! I’m planning to get up close and personal and get you all the background information! Also, I will be buying HQ pictures and interviews and such! So, please please PLEASE buy something… Anything! It will be helping you! (And hey, if I get a lot of money, I can go to TwiCon and possibly set up a booth and get you all info from there! But I need some money! SO BUY AWAY!!!) Think of it this way: your Holiday Shopping will be done early! And if you want (though I don’t know why you would, but people have asked), part of our Staff can sign it! Get Jesika, Abi, Morgan, Me, and Amy’s signature. (EMAIL ME AT SPIDURMUNKEY@GMAIL.COM TO GET THE SHIPPING ADDRESS FOR THE AUTOGRAPH!) Thanks guys! And please PLEASE buy something!! And encourage your friends and other Twilighters to get something!!! THANKS xD

Or, if you are not in the shopping mood, you can just donate! If everyone donates just one dollar, I could have enough money to go get the interviews! Every bit helps!

Twilight on Tyra

Here are the clips of the Twilight Stars on Tyra:

oh. my. GAWWD!!! She got the… the… the… FRIKKEN VOLVO!!!!!

New Moon Update!

New Moon Update, guys! According to Shock Till You Drop, New Moon will begin shooting in March! I am so excited! Also, I was sent a link for a casting call, but I don’t know if it’s legit yet. So, I will keep that to myself until I can confirm it! I don’t want anyone to get scammed.

“Ryan Seacrest, a name we never thought we’d ever mention here on Shock, chatted it up with Twilight star Kristen Stewart who told KiisFM that the inevitable sequel, New Moon, begins shooting in March. Summit Entertainment officially greenlit the sequel last week.
“A lot of the book takes place in Italy, and I think we’re going to get to go to Italy, which is so cool,” Stewart says. “For a while there, they were like, Oh, we don’t know if we have the money, but now I think we may have the money!”