Lots of Updates

I know it’s a lot… But all of it is important. 

Entertainment Weekly has a link to a picture gallery that they have of of some of the outtakes that came from their summer Twilight spread. We’ve seen a few of them before but they included a few new Taylor pictures:


Click HERE to see the slides. They also have a behind the scenes video of Catherine Hardwicke. Click HERE to see the video.
Next up, I thought I posted this, but obviously not. The homepage of MYSPACE has been completely Twilighted from head to toe! Go check it out. =] 

There is news of a Twilight Board Game. Here is the info:

A new board game based on the highly anticipated Twilight motion picture! Reenact the hunt for Bella through the woods of Olympic Peaks with your friends, with one team portraying Bella and Edward while the other representing the hunting nomads James and Victoria. Each team uses hidden movement system – who will survive to the morning?

Apparently, the trailer is being shown before the James Bond film in some parts of the UK? Check it out and see if it’s true, if not, hey, at least you get to see a fairly interesting film.

L.A Times has some great pictures of the cast members from “Then and Now” where they look just simply funny, and yet so adorable. It’s really awesome and pretty cool how they look either completely different or pretty much the same. Check out the pictures HERE



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