EW and Stephenie Meyer

Recently, Entertainment Weekly was able to have a stunning interview with the Stephenie Meyer where she talks about her feeling about the movie, Midnight Sun and some of the backlash that she received after Breaking Dawn. In her interview, she talked about Midnight Sun and how she wants us all to forget for a while:

I do not feel alone with the manuscript. And I cannot write when I don’t feel alone. So my goal is to go for, like, I don’t know, two years without ever hearing the words Midnight Sun. And once I’m pretty sure that everyone’s forgotten about it, I think I’ll be able to get to the place where I’m alone with it again.

So, the awesome people over at the Twilight Lexicon has an idea that one of their readers had about this comment. Since she does not want to hear the actual words Midnight Sun, many Twilight Fansites, including US, are now going to refer to it as Dark High Noon (or DHN). So, if you ever see that on here, were talking about Midnight sun… =] To read the whole article, click this LINK.

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