Prior To Being Bitten…

There are a bunch of new Twilight articles over at InStyle. Here are a few of them!

103008_sharkboy_400x400The first article is a slideshow of pictures of the Twilight Stars Before they were Vampires! Or, in Taylor’s case, before they changed into wolves. :] These pictures are really great and pretty funny! Just look how far they’ve come! Lol. It’s really awesome. Just click HERE to read the whole thing! (PS: Sorry about the picture! I couldn’t resist! Hehehe. Taylor is adorableeeee!!!)

110408_twilight09_400x400The next article is “Six Degrees of Twilight.” It is another picture-slideshow with mini side articles that show how all of the actors are connected! Now, this one is pretty cool! See what a small world it is? The ties they make are pretty awesome. It shows that they are all just meant to be. Lol. To read the articles and see the pictures, click HERE

100708_twilight1_400x400Up next is, yet again, a picture article discussing the fashion of Twilight. It compares the characters’ descriptions in the book to the way they are dressed and portrayed in the movie. Personally, I think they did a great job transforming the characters in the book to real people on the screen. Especially Alice! And Emmett! And Rosalie! Well, ok, so all of them. :] To read it, click HERE.

Last, but certainly not least, InStyle has up a great article about the chaos that Rob and Catherine caused on their trip to the Apple Store in Soho. I can only imagine the craziness. Oh, the screaming fan girls! Lord knows I would be one of them! Lol. Read it HERE.



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