New Staff Positions

12565706Hey guys! Happy Sunday! Only a few more days until Twilight, aren’t you excited? I’m just here with a little announcement that Spidurmunkey is looking for new Staff Members. Soon, we are going to be getting a subdomain along with a lot of other new features (including an awesome layout) and we are looking for a few more staff members!!


So, what positions are open?

1. Forum Mod: I need 2-3 moderators for our forum we are getting ready to put up. For this, you will need to stay on top of all discussions that happen in the Forum and make sure there is nothing inappropriate or copy written or a spoiler in a spoiler free zone. This requires you to be able to be on the computer quite a lot and you must know basic forum running stuff. (Wow. How articulate…) It would also be preferred if you could design graphics or are able to make a forum layout seeing as it is quite bland at the moment. :]

2. Live Journal Manager: I need about 2 LJ managers to stay ontop of the Spidurmunkey Live Journal. Personally, I’m not very familiar with LJ, so being a pro at it is a must… Because I know nothing. Lol. Again, you will probably be on the computer a good portion of your week, so make sure you have time for this! Also, if you are familiar with graphics, it’s a plus! 

3. Myspace Manager: I need someone to be in charge of the official Spidurmunkey Myspace. Currently, our Myspace is just that – a space. There is really nothing big up there, just basic info and the site staff pictures. You wouldn’t need to be living on your computer – we don’t need it 24/7 – but you definitely need some free time. It is never hurts to be able to spend a long time for any of these positions. Please be able to make our myspace awesome and accept friend requests. You will also be in charge of growing our popularity on myspace because our friend space is like… 30. Lol. To see our myspace, click HERE. And to see an example of the standard our myspace should be, click HERE.

4. Facebook Manager: Currently, Spidurmunkey does not have anything on Facebook. No group, nothing. So, it will be up to these 2-4 people to create, and maintain, a Spidurmunkey Group. They will be in charge of gaining (inviting) friends, uploading the most recent pictures, uploading our weekly webcasts, moderating comments, and sending out messages of updates. Facebook skillz are a must (you must be very familiar with FB). 

Those are the positions I have open. If you are interested in applying, or simply want more information, just email me at spidurmunkey@gmail.com. If you are going to apply, please send me an email with your name, age, location (doesnt have to be specific), the position you are applying to, and an example of your work. Thanks guys and I hope you apply! xD


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