SciFi Twilight Interviews

Both Robert and Kristen were interviewed for SciFi.

Here’s the one for Kristen:

“I couldn’t wrap my head around all four huge stories at once,” the actress said. “It was too informative. [Bella] wasn’t supposed to know those things, so I didn’t want to know them.”

Click HERE to read it all. And here’s the Rob one:

“”I never tried to play it as a vampire. I just saw it as a guy who gets bitten against his will and wakes up three days later with an unquenchable thirst for human blood and goes out and kills 40 people. So he’s trying to come to terms with living for eternity when he sees no point in living and doesn’t know if he even has a soul. I’m kind of making a short story long, but that’s how I see him.”

Click HERE to read it all. Vamptastic!

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