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About.com has up two interviews. The first with Kellan and the second with Stephenie Meyer!


You still think of it as a hobby?

Kellan Lutz: “Yes, I love it and all this stuff, I’ve never done a movie where we have so much more stuff involved, like these press junkets and stuff. It’s fun, but I definitely feel the busy side of it lately just because the movie’s coming out. So we’ve been doing so many interviews and photo shoots, and I love photo shoots, I love, you know, just doing interviews and all that stuff, but it’s going to be nice to have a break once the movie comes out.”

twilightpic371Is it true that you didn’t want to commit to the film until they promised you there would be no fangs?

Stephenie Meyer: “Yes. It was an interesting thing because when we started out with this I actually sold the rights to a different company. I got a look at a script that, you know, objectively [was] probably a decent vampire movie that had nothing at all to do with Twilight. It was just you could have produced that movie and never given me any credit because it wasn’t anything to do with the books. And that was kind of a horrifying experience. Like, I had realized it could go wrong and that they could do it badly, but that they would do something that had nothing at all to do with the story, it was kind of shocking to me. And I know that’s because I’m really naïve. So when I went back in to this and I had learned and Summit said, ‘We really want to do this.’ And I was weary and I said, ‘You know, I’m just not sure.’ And they said, ‘What can we do for you?’ I said, ‘What if I give you a list of things that absolutely can’t be changed?’ And I’m not talking like I said, ‘Okay, you have to read…and it has to be exactly like the book.’ It was very fundamental outline things like, you know, the vampires have to have the basic rules of the vampire world I’ve created, which means no fangs, which means no coffins, which means they sparkle in the sunlight. The characters have to exist by their present names and in their present forms and you can’t kill anyone who doesn’t die in the book, and just basic things like that that were really just the foundation of the story.”

To read Kellan’s, click HERE. For Stephenie’s, HERE. :]

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