Twilight Style

Film.com has up a wonderful interview with Wendy Chuck, the wardrobe designer for the Twilight movie. She gives us a little insight about how difficult it was to style the cast, and why she chose certain out fits for certain characters. 

23637309-23637311-mediumNB: Can you tell me about Edward’s (Robert Pattinson) look specifically?

WC: I wanted to impart in Edward the look of a modern day “Edwardian” gentleman in teen clothes that were suitable to not stand out too much at school. Some of my original choices of fitted pants and long jackets phased into well-fitted designer jeans, off the rack shirts that were tailored to fit in just the right way, a great classic black boot, American Apparel t-shirts and just the right kind of jacket. We custom made the grey peacoat that features a lot in the movie. I was working with the idea of pale and cold, a sort of frozen world of blues, greys, whites, silver with a hint of violet. I wanted them to have an icy feel but further along we found that the darker colors worked better with the hair and makeup.

Wendy, great job! The cast looks stunning! To read the article in its entirety, click HERE.



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