Twilight Tuesday: Kristen Stewart Interview

Happy Twilight Tuesday , everyone! This Twilight Tuesday (November 11,2008) we got an amazing interview with Kristen Stewart. Also, Larry is on screen! HI LARRY!! We get to find out Kristen’s favorite part about being Bella. I personally love this interview with Kristen! Some people say she’s not very good at interviews, but this one is just amazing!

Hahaha. Kristen, you are the perfect Bella! I can’t wait to see this movie on the big screen! And, on a sad note, THIS IS OUR 2nd TO LAST TWILIGHT TUESDAY! Only one more to go… But, that means next week is the movie!!! EEP!! To read the article/interview, click HERE.

Here is another small little interview they included in Twilight Tuesday. Warning, at the end there is a little Movie Spoiler of the cafeteria scene. Be warned:

Guys! Only 10 days until Twilight!!! If you don’t already have your ticket, make sure to get them!! THEY ARE SELLING OUT QUICKLY!!! Luckily, I still got you covered! Click the banner to the left and you can preorder your tickets (plus get a free download of a remix song that wasn’t included on the CD!). *Make sure you click on the preorder one, not the Sweepstakes one, for the tickets! But go ahead and enter the Twilight Sweepstakes while your at it! Not many have entered yet, so you have a good chance of winning. xD


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