Twilight at Midnight


<– Me at the premiere. I was a lamb and my best friend was a lion. :] Speaking of the premiere, I have a few (ha! few…) things to say. Guys, I had an amazing time last night!!! Or, this morning… actually. It was soooo good! Really, truely superb! I may be a little bias, but it really was a wonderful movie!

So, my little group got there around 9.30 – I had come straight from a play at my school that I was helping out with. Anyways, so we get there and we are THIRD in line! Yeah, third!!! We were sooo happy because a little later everyone started flooding in. We waited and waited (me BAIRLY containing my excitement; seriously I was flipping out) and finally they came out and opened the doors. The theater of Twilighters I was with was amazing. No one ran in or pushed or shoved or anything. They all walked in calmly and took their seats. Then we waited longer while the previews were going on. Finally, the lights dimmed and the final previews were showing. As soon as the lights dimmed, everyone cheered! ONLY 10 MINUTES LEFT! 

But, really, the Twilighters were so amazing. When the Harry Potter preview came on (which looks amazing) everyone clapped. See? We can all be civil! Then, the giant Summit logo thing came on and the movie began. Luckily, no one screamed inappropriately during the movie! They were all very well behaved. There were a bunch of laughs, silent squeals, loud gasps (which were funny because when we got a close up of Edward, the whole theater took a deep breath), and cheers at the right time! So, whoever was in the Snowden Theater in Columbia in the 2nd theater, thanks for being so awesome!

I’m not going to give away anything in the movie, but I do want to say that Charlie and Billy were amazing. This, I was not expecting quite as much since they are smaller characters. But, they really evolved. And, I just absolutely love Charlie!! Kristen and Rob had such great chemistry together. They were the perfect Edward-Bella, no matter what anyone says! Through the entire movie I kept getting goosebumps and had to squeal quietly (silently, actually, which is why my throat hurts so much) because of how smoldering their relationship was! Though I wish it could be longer, it still had everything I needed it to have. I know it was two hours, and that’s probably the longest others would watch it, but I would have spent all night there. :]

For those of you who are unsatisfied, just remember: This was an adaptation. It is not supposed to be exactly like the book. Movies are never precisely like the book. Every detail in that book would not be able to be squeezed into the movie and still be amazing. Also, think about their budget. It wasn’t that big! So they did like a super job! (Lol. Super…) 

My advice: Go see the movie. Don’t go on opinions from other people. You don’t think the same as them. For example, one girl that went with me was not extremely happy, though she still really liked it. One person could  hate it while to you it is the best movie in the world! Plus, if no one sees it, there will never be sequels. And we all want to see the movies to bring the books to life! Encourage others to read the book first, though. It is a little difficult to understand everything if you didn’t read the book. Also, you miss out on a few details.

And another question I’ve been getting emailed a lot: WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE SCENE? Hmm… two, actually. The first one as the ballet studio scene. It was soooo glorious! It is EXACTLY how I imagined it in the movie! Cam was perfect for James and same with everyone! Carlisle was sooo awesome and when Edward had to suck the venom out… OH LORD! Just really, really amazing. But, my all time favorite scene had to be the baseball scene. It kicked butt!!! BIG TIME! They all looked so great playing baseball and Alice had the cutest pitch (you’ll see what I mean). I am in love with Emmett and Carlisle is a great baseball player! It was fantastic! And, the music was “Suppermassive Black Hole” so it made the scene like a bajillion times cooler! Gosh, I loved it!!

And, my opinion on the movie:
It. Was. AMAZING!!! (Beyond words)


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