Summit Officially Announce New Moon (& Box Office Details)

First up, Summit has officially announce that they WILL be doing New Moon! WOOT!!!

Yay! I know we all knew it was coming, but I am super excited! In fact, over Spring Break I may just take a trip over to Oregon! xD

22nov2008_162533-twilightUp next, we have some news about how hard Twilight has hit the box office!

Oh, it sucked alright…sucked the living daylights out of the box office. This was not trumped up hype, this was the real deal–deafening buzz and now with a box office cache to match. Summit Entertainment has shocked the industry, as Twilight grossed $35 million Friday ($7 million in midnight sneaks) and is on its way to sucking down $75 million or more when all is said and done. You think little girls are full of sugar and spice and everything nice, now? This is a sintilating debut and a rousing victory for Summit. Welcome to the big leagues! Prognosticators were split on this film across the board, guessing an opening anywhere from $30 million to $70 million: this tops even the highest projections I’ve seen. On Monday morning, no doubt we’ll know the release date of the sequel…

I am so excited! Make sure to tell your friends to go see the movie! [source]


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