Happy 13th BDay Amy!!

amyuyyyyHey everyone, guess what? You know how yesterday was Abi’s birthday? Well, TODAY IS AMY’S! She is my favorite person and the cutest, most adorable girl in the world! And it’s her 13TH BIRTHDAY!!! WOOOO!! Happy Birthday Amy! WE ALL LOVE YOU SOOO SOOOOOO MUCH! You are a web genius and always get me out of trouble when I have absolutely no idea what I am doing… And I mean ABSOLUTELY no idea. Lol. You are always there for everyone and smiling adorably!! AND I LOVE YOU!!! We hope you have an amazing birthday and a super-wonderful Texas style Thanksgiving! (Come back to MD soon! I miss you when you are on vacation!) Everyone, either leave a comment down here wishing her a happy birthday or on her site’s guest book. If you haven’t checked out her site, it’s amazing and you totally should go look at it now!!! It’s http://www.liveituplyts.com! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oh, and Abi (our awesome video editor) made this amazing video! I hope you don’t hate the pictures/clips of you I picked out!



We love you AMY! For real, we do!!! You are my savior! I hope you have the best birthday ever! WELCOME TO THE TEENAGE YEARS! Lol.
(Ps: Tell the soulmate I say hello.)


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!!!! and great job on this video abi you have serious skills!

Comment by Alli

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