Bella’s Lullaby

HGE has put up some links to arrangements of Bella’s Lullaby. Keep in mind that these are arrangements, not the official music. They both come in PDF files and are both two pages long. Guess I know what I’ve gotta learn on the piano next…


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THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’v been trying 2 find it 4 the whole day!!!!

Comment by eliza

how do i get them???

Comment by confused

you click on the link. you can either choose version A or version B. :]

Comment by spidurmunkey

great i luv it!

Comment by Tressa Cullen

thanks so much! i have been trying to find this music since i saw the movie on thursday =]

Comment by meg

This is so awesome now I just have to find a recordin for the second one. DO you know were one might be?

Comment by Krissy

Neither of these is 100% correct… The right hand part sounds fine but I think the left hands parts aren’t entirely right, if you listen you can hear broken chords as well as these initial chords. But it’s a great start, thanks.

Comment by Gorilla

Your the greatest… Thanks for this sheets…

Comment by jazz

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