New Moon & Eclipse to film Back to Back

It has been announced that New Moon and Eclipse will be shot back to back, and audition information for both movies has been given as well. Filming begins in March 2009!!! WOOT!

Summit Entertainment has started preparing the sequel New Moon, based on Stephenie Meyer’s second book in the series, and to contain costs, the studio is filming the third book, Eclipse, back to back using the same new director. On Sunday, December 7th, Summit Entertainment confirmed that Catherine Hardwicke will not direct the films New Moon or Eclipse. Filming begins on New Moon in March, 2009, and will continue right through completion of Eclipse.

To read the audition info, click HERE.


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OMGOMGOMG guess what?!
My parents told me I could send in my resume to audition!
Lets hope I make it!
*crosses fingers*

Comment by Betsy B

its awesome… i wish live there!!! i love theather…and i´m studing it…but…right now… im not there maybe isn´t my time… well… good luck everyone!!
sorry… my english its too basic… but i want to say something about this…
ok… i´ll be seeing you!!!…jajaj!!!

Comment by vicky-argentina

omg how do you send your resume to a director or casting agent???

Comment by alexis

OMG soo sending my resume in!!!

Comment by Lauren

what scenes are being filmed in LA for New Moon & Eclipse ?

Comment by genissa

you know the mail where the people have to send the information? if you have it, plis send it to my e-mail adress (daniisq@hotmail.com)

Comment by daniela

when wiLl be the shOwing fOr NEW MOON, caUse a hearD sOme wOuld say MAY of 2009?

Comment by bleZs

im sending my resume as well (when i know what that is)

Comment by Vinnie

i am soooooooooooooooo excited! it is better to shoot both movies at the same so we { the adiance} can watch it sooner. I herd new moon will be relesed and then eclipse about two weeks later. new moon=nov.21 and guessing eclipse=dec. 14

Comment by twilight luvers

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