Entertainment Wise Article on Rob

robvmasawards070908Entertainment Wise has a great article up about Rob. He talks about how he thinks that screaming girls is just a part of their job and how he got over Twilight’s ‘sexual tension.’

EW: There’s a lot of sexual tension in the film, did you work with Kristin a lot beforehand to achieve it?

RP: I’d just walk into Kristin’s bedroom naked, just to shock her! (laughs) Not really. I don’t know, I guess all the romantic scenes in the film are kind of pivotal. It’s funny because we were both wearing contact lenses in the film. So much of those scenes relies on eye contact, and we had these ‘masks’ on our eyes so I was really worrying that there wouldn’t be anything there, so it’s very lucky that people thought there was.

EW: Finally, what’s it like seeing your face on buses?

RP: It’s scary! It’s a bit like ‘1984’, like your image is everywhere. It’s not good if you’re someone who suffers from extreme paranoia!

Hahahaha. Do you suffer from extreme paranoia, Rob? Lol. We love you! To read the entire article, just click HERE!


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i dont know what to say except, it would be quite awkward to kiss someone in a scene when you guys arent actually in a relationship. lol. im self conscience of everything, so i wouldnt be a very good actor. lol. well good job for you robert:D
you are very brave.

Comment by robin h.

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