New Moon Director: CONFIRMED

The rumors about Chris Weitz being the directors were apparently more than just rumors! It has now been confirmed that New Moon will be directed by Chris Weitz, best known for his work on The Golden Compassand About A Boy!

There will be a new director atop theTwilight franchise: and he’ll be a man. Sources tell EW.com that Summit Entertainment is about to hire Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass) as the shepherd for New Moon, the second installment of Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling Twilight series. Weitz is best-known for his work with his brother Paul. The two directed and produced American Pie and then were nominated for an Academy Award for best screenplay forAbout a Boy, which they also co-directed. Chris’ first solo directing gig,The Golden Compass, didn’t do well stateside but was a hit internationally.

Man, this will be awesome. I’m excited. Are you?
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okay…so im a big fan of the twilight saga…obsessed really 😛 i’ve seent the movie twilight like 5 or 6 times purely because it was twilight, not because it was good. I counted 30+ things that were wrong or missing in the movie, and so many things were just done differently! I was so dissapointed. Then I heard there’s going to be a new director, and I thought, that this might make the New Moon movie better. But now I’m not convinced. I don’t think dakota fanning should play Jane for one, and I heard rumours about Vanessa Hudgens being involved with the movie? Please please don’t do that….it will ruin the movie….I have nothing against these two actors, both very talented, but I dont think they would be best for the twilight series. Also, dont cut out stuff in this movie! leave things the way they were explained in the book. I also don’t know if showing edward and like where he is and what he’s doing while he’s away from Bella is the best idea for the movie. I think the best thing to do, is to try to be as accurate to the book as possible. I would hate to see the second movie be a disspointment too. Of course these are all personal thoughts, but I am a fan, and I have friends that share the same thoughts as I do. I’m positive that there’s A LOT of twilight fans out there that feel the same way I do, especially with the whole point of keeping it like the book. I hope you take my thoughts into consideration.
Thanks you for reading

Comment by morgan

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