We Support Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black!


Hey everyone! In light of recent rumors about Summit replacing Taylor for “New Moon Jacob”, Spidurmunkey is starting a small project. We are asking you all to write letters telling Summit (*politely*) what you think about Taylor. Why you like him, why he is a great Jacob, reasons they should keep him, etc. Send in pictures of yourself in your team Jacob/Taylor shirts or other memorabilia. Be very creative and super original! We, the awesome staff of Spidurmunkey, will be turning all of the letters into a scrapbook and sending it out to Summit. If they see the overwhelming amount of fan letters saying a bunch of really nice things about Jacob, maybe they will see that switching him for someone else is a big mistake. After all, Jacob is 16! He will be huge in no time!! 

Please send in your letters as soon as possible! We want to get this out by the end of January, hopefully. And, if the decision has been made by then, we will send it to Taylor so he sees how much us Twilighters appreciate him!

Send all letters and such to:

P.O. Box 6729
Ellicott City, MD


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[…] SUPPORT TAYLOR AS JACOB BLACK PROJECT!!! Please Read! SOURCE: SPIDURMUNKEY Hey everyone! In light of recent rumors about Summit replacing Taylor for “New Moon Jacob”, […]

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[…] SPIDURMUNKEY Hey everyone! In light of recent rumors about Summit replacing Taylor for “New Moon Jacob”, […]

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But I live really far… can i send my letter like e-mail to someone?

Comment by Antonija

I love Jacob/Taylor even tho I am all for Edward
I will try my best to help because I think Taylors awesome and it would break my heart if he was replaced

Comment by Hannah

Of course you can! Just email us your letter at spidurmunkey@gmail.com :]

Comment by spidurmunkey

i love taylor

Comment by rachel

Sign this petition as well as writing letters to Summit to save Taylor! http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/SaveTaylorLautner

Comment by Angela

He’s awesome don’t replace him

Comment by Ashley Feliz

[…] Thanks everyone! Also, if you wouldn’t mind promoting our Support Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black project, that would be really great! To get some more information about the project, just click HERE. […]

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omg taylor is an awesome actor and should never ever ever be replaced…. he’s only 16 he’ll grow and even if he doesnt haven’t they ever heard of computer effets??? my friends and i fully support Taylor

Comment by STEPH

What? They can’t change JACOB! That’s crazy… they HAVE TO KEEP TAYLOR!!!

Comment by Bella

I LOVE TAYLOR LAUTNER AS JACOB BLACK!! summit has to keep him

Comment by shannon

Lets just get one think straight: NO ONE could ever replace Taylor as Jacob. He is the perfect Jacob Black. And come on There HAS to be a hot guy playing Jacob. And that other guy… *shivers* Not good AT ALL. He looks like almost 35!! And that cannot happen. New Moon needs at least some amazingly hot Teenager on the set of the movie. And I think Taylor will be able to rise to the challenge and be the best Jacob he can possibly be. I mean the only reason why I came to see the movie was to see… JACOB!!! If they lose Taylor now I know of a lot of people who would NOT go see the movie. So hope the people who are thinking of not hiring Taylor take all of this into consideration.

Comment by Haley

He is so perfect!!! totally can’t change to another person from taylor to be jacob!!! that’s just like changing every friend u know to somebody else!! please stay taylor! summet totally has to keep u!

Comment by Kristen

Taylor is a perfect Jacob Black!!!
P-L-E-A-S-E Don’t replace him!

Comment by Lya

Taylor just has that charm about him that makes you want to hear more. He reminds me of Jacob and the fact that he’s been dedicated with trying to make himself fit the appearance better just makes me like him even more. Hundreds of fans loved Taylor the second they heard the casting and the fact that anyone would question his role as Jacob is beyond me. Especially for something as miniscule as a height difference. I mean, HONESTLY. Ever heard of digital effects?
All I can say is, if they give the role of Jacob to some other crappy actor, I’m definitely NOT going to see New Moon, or any other instalments from the series.

Comment by Dara

The only thing that Cat did well directing Twilight was the cast selection. Changing Jacob now is unfair to all of us. We managed to set through the awful screen writing and directing of Twilight because we love the story. Summit needs to get their head out of thier ass and be true to the fans. Lining their pockets seem to be their only focus. I’d hate to see this wonderful story distroyed by the making of movies that don’t come close to the true story. Stephenie, are you strong enough to stand up for your fans? Not only will many of us not bother to see the next three movies if they replace Jacob or any other cast member, I will never again read any of Stephenie’s work.

Comment by Tj


Comment by summahhh!

if he is changed then im sorry
but i will not watch the movie.
it just ruins everything for me!

Comment by summahhh!

How could they do this? I am with Tj in a way, I wonder what Stephenie has to say about this. Taylor made a huge impact in Twilight, and I was looking forward to seeing the next movies because of Taylor’s role. If he is being replaced, I don’t know how I will feel about seeing the next movies. save jacob black.

Comment by anna

I am fond of Taylor Lautner… I don’t see how is wrong with Taylor that way producers considered him to be reject… Is because he too young to play Jacob? Oh, please. Still there I don’t see their point… Yet, we fans have more point than they do. Don’t fans of Taylor agreed with me… Honestly, there is nothing wrong with Taylor if he plays Jacob in the first place of Twilight film with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinsion. Do you know what I am tired of… I am so tired of hearing them say Taylor is too young to play the cast of Jacob. So what?! Please be silent at once! Listen to Taylor… I swear to my heart, or to God… I bet Stephenie Meyer wanted a young actor of Jacob in Twilight as introducing part. But the most of all, she want a native american actor who will be Jacob. Well, it has to be Taylor then. I believed and held the reason to let Taylor play the next film of New Moon will grow him up. Do Summit Entertainment New Moon hear what Taylor tries to say several times? He say he got every pounds and lbs up to 10 and hundred… He will be perfectly then. So why denying him if he trying so hard for good. Don’t ever bother to replace Taylor. Thank you for listen to my feeling.

Comment by Da'Shawn Owens

I do not think that Taylor Lautner should play Jacob Black because I do not think that he looks like how Stephenie Meyer described him in the book “Twilight”.

Comment by Ator

Taylor Lautner is the essence of Jacob Black!
He is the best.
Everyone is already accustomed to seeing Taylor and loves him plus Micheal Copone and Taylor don’t even look the same!

Comment by Chelsea Smith


Comment by SHAMIYA

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