Ashley and Kellan in Warrior

140x105MTV has up a new article about Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz reuniting in a new film entitled “Warrior.” But, this time, instead of playing brother and sister, they are playing the main love interest! What do you think?

Today, we have breaking news for “Twilight” fans that is best classified as good, bad and possibly a bit weird. And all of it comes courtesy of fast-rising, in-demand young star Ashley Greene.
The good news: Ashley is joining Kellan Lutz in the lacrosse drama we broke the news on last month. “It’s called ‘Warrior,’ ” Greene beamed when we caught up with her at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Salutes Young Hollywood event.
“It’s been amazing,” the 21-year-old, who plays Alice Cullen in the vampire series, said of her life since the massive “Twilight” opening. “It’s been super busy. I just finished another film, and I started working on one today — with Kellan of all people!”
The bad news is that the reunion of the “Twilight” stars rose from the ashes of another project, an indie film called “Strife,” which both actors have now left. “We were in talks for doing ‘Strife,’ but that happened way before ‘Twilight,’ and it just never came through,” Greene explained. “But there’s something cool where me and Kellan get the opportunity to work together a lot. I love him to death.”
And now, we get to the weird news: The actors best known as playing “brother and sister” Alice and Emmett are playing lovers.

To read the full article, just click HERE!


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